MAURICE LOUCA: Salute the Parrot LP/CD Nawa Recordings


MAURICE LOUCA: Salute the Parrot   LP/CD Nawa Recordings

This is the second album from the Egyptian musician Maurice Louca, who has been making waves for some time in the Arabian alternative music scene; well revered over there for his complex percussion-based take on electronic and analogue structured subcultures.

‘The Golden Age’ opens up his latest album with a barrage of beats that take their cue from his ethnic roots, broken up in the same formulation as many a Post-Rock act would; then folded amongst a sea of eastern instrumentation. Occasionally flirting with Electronica and Breakcore inspired structures the next two tracks ‘Idiot’ and the title track further cement a high degree of compositional skills; with the latter touching on mainstream western culture, with an array of bitcrushed and transformed vocals that add a welcome alter-ego to the fray.

‘Salute the Parrot’ doesn’t sway from the path chosen; and whilst being a swell of coherent and impressive structuring, can be come a little too much to take in one listen alone, becoming all too overwhelming as time passes on. Proudly sticking to his roots as far as influences go, Louca deserves a pat on the back; however, for those not from that corner of the globe, this can feel a little isolating, where snake-charmed pipes are not engrained in the listeners upbringing.

Overall though, this is a solid album that displays a high degree of knowledge and musicianship; and whilst not being something for everyone, is an interesting take on a multitude of genres, from an avenue of the planet I have not previously encountered.



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