SCHLAMMPEITZIGER: What’s Fruit? LP/CD Pingipung


SCHLAMMPEITZIGER: What’s Fruit? LP/CD Pingipung

This is my first encounter into the world of Schlammpeitziger, regardless of his 22-year career; and my initial impressions did raise a smile. It’s hard to pigeonhole this release and equally hard to review when you have zero reference point when it comes to genre or indeed the history of the artist; and Schlammpeitziger is as mad as a box of frogs.

The title track opener is a mix of slowed down disco rhythms and synth exploration, played out on a jovial manner with dry vocals asking us if we are a “Castle, Town or Group”, or indeed, “What’s Fruit?” (I’ll be buggered if I know).

The bizarre happy-go-lucky synths bounce along in a cheery way throughout and it becomes increasingly difficult to tell just how serious this artist takes himself. I found myself staring into space and occasionally laughing (again I am not so sure if this is the point), but for all its ludicrousness it’s plain to see that this album doesn’t have a bad bone in its body of work.

There isn’t much to distinguish one track from another as ‘What’s Fruit?’ skips merrily along; although some variation wouldn’t be amiss. Considering his lengthy back-catalogue, there is obviously a market out there for music that is as camp as a row of tents full of Germans smashed out of their faces on LSD. Good luck to them.


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