JUGEM’S CLOUD: Nature Vs Humans CD Self released


JUGEM’S CLOUD: Nature Vs Humans CD Self released

This Chicago based trio’s obsession with all thing old school Industrial are more than evident, even without the addition of a press script to read from. Opener ‘Sewerz’ and ‘The Craftenstock Corporation’ play on the Off-Beat culture from way back with rasping vocals and Cold Wave electronics from the get-go; covering a multitude of FLA, Skinny Puppy and Haujobb-isms by the bucket load.

Emphasis has been placed on layering up electronics in much the same way SP used to do in years gone by. Puppy provided a master class in this field, and if you cut one of their tracks down the middle you would see layers that resembled a perfectly baked cake; and in trying to emulate their peers JC seem to have left the temperature on their oven, up way too high.

Now don’t get me wrong, Jugem’s Cloud know what they love and want to be part of that and I commend them for going out there and giving it a shot. For me though, that ship sailed many a moon ago and whilst I still love hitting the decks with all my old records, a lot of these acts have moved on to different pastures. It would take something exceptional musically, from a new act to come along and drag any acclaim for their efforts; and if JC are doing this for the sheer pleasure of playing, then more power to them. If they’re out for stardom, then they lack the necessary clout as a whole to make any impact on the scene.

Overall, if this album had come out a good 20 year ago, then this would have sat as a competent addition to a multitude of bands that were part of a quickly developing genre that had finally reached out to a newer audience. As it stands, ‘Nature Vs Humans’ is just another release that should please some and still appeal in a live environment; but sadly has been left at the docks, whilst a heavily loaded liner of experimentalism sails unchartered oceans of originality.


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