ZEITKRATZER: Whitehouse CD Zeitkratzer Productions


ZEITKRATZER: Whitehouse CD Zeitkratzer Productions

William Bennett’s Whitehouse are one of those legendary acts that have been terrorising music circles for years. I am a fan of most of their output and adore later albums such as ‘Cruise’ and the follow up ‘Bird Seed’, showcasing one of my favourite tracks by the outfit, ‘Why You Never became a Dancer’.

Bennett appears as a guest on this, what is effectively a covers album; and the extreme electronics have been replaced with horns, piano, violin harmonics and percussion, as well as other instrumentation. It’s safe to say this will only appeal to Whitehouse fanatics who will surely revel in other interpretations of William’s work.

Rumbling toms open up an industrialised and acoustically echoed shuddering of tempered noise, allowing the vocals of Bennett a new clarity; and what happens next is where the true genius lies. The multiple collaboration of conjoined orchestral instrumentation, sound as electronic as the original ‘Daddo’ in part; whilst the amplified string scrapings, unbelievably are as visceral as the original output.

‘White Whip’ in its new form, takes on a more resonating ambient tone whilst ‘Foreplay’ sounds purely demonic, with guttural voices and string sections reacting like the bows are becoming slowly frayed; melding into a hellish and ear splitting ‘Incest’. ‘Fanatics’ ends this tip of the hat to one of the UK’s best outputs of noise, as warped Dark Ambient tones are interrupted with hisses and scratches of sound, that are as unnerving as they are mind-boggling.

I have to applaud the Zeitkratzer ensemble for attempting such a project. Whitehouse have never been easy on the ear and these five tracks are not necessarily the best example of Bennett’s work. However, there is much on here that will appeal to the hardcore fan; and for that alone, this album is a necessary collectors piece.


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