ZEITKRATZER + KEIJI HAINO: Live at Jahrhunderthalle Bochum CD Zeitkratzer Productions


ZEITKRATZER + KEIJI HAINO: Live at Jahrhunderthalle Bochum         CD  Zeitkratzer Productions

Reinhold Friedl and his cohorts return with electronic artist Keiji Haino; this time though, no electronics are involved and concentrated efforts on his part are focussed on his vocals only. Over six tracks, madness ensues as Haino screeches and screams illegible rants and guttural growls and to be fair, he does have many a range (if not bordering on the ridiculous).

For their part, Zeitkratzer provide a monstrous roar of percussion and instrumentation, which sound tremendous on tracks such as ‘Smaschine’; where rumbling tympani thunder through with Industrial ferocity. Counterbalancing the extreme, ‘Roses’ saunters along in haunting fashion, with a peculiar mix of orchestration that comes across as a bastardised fairy tail.

As a colliding mass of the frantic and insane, this album recorded live in Bochum is a horrific transition of talent so ultimately ludicrous; that all but a few can possibly appreciate it or recognise the skills and tools available to this 9 member strong ensemble. In a live environment however I could quite imagine this going down a storm.

As usual with all Zeitkratzer releases I encounter, I have to appreciate the work that goes into the final product, even if they never make the repeat journey back to my hi-fi.


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