PHASENMENSCH: Entschleunigungsprozesse CD HANDS


PHASENMENSCH: Entschleunigungsprozesse   CD HANDS

Wolfram Bange returns after the thoroughly enjoyable ‘Tagebuch Eines Eremiten’, with a collection of new tracks under a banner I am not even going to attempt to translate. I knew his last album was going to be hard to top, but thankfully Bange has managed to step up to the plate.

Echoing pads provide an eerie clinical backdrop on ‘Vernunft Und Leidenschaft’, where sparing vocal samples, sit effectively alongside harmonics that crawl under your skin; carried on their journey with well-paced cleansed beats. ‘Alles Verschwindet’ follows with an ambient array of gliding effervescent synth that plays right into the hands of the IDM drift that is ‘Sommerrgen’.

From here on in things change somewhat with Wolfram experimenting with darker ambient sections and sub-level electronica. Key sections sound unashamedly techno in their transition with an inky black cloak of dance that weaves amongst the rhythm sections, as the glue that holds everything together.

There is something about Phasenmensch that lifts its head up above many other projects out there. The ability to get down and dirty one minute, only to fall headlong into soundtrack territory whilst thematically remaining true to the path set, has to be admired. Keeping the listener on their toes with relative ease requires a degree of artistry and talent; and Bange has that in abundance.

‘Entschleunigungsprozesse [Vernunft Und Leidenschaft] is the perfect follow up to its predecessor; and I can only hope that Phasenmensch carries along the path of excellence set for himself here in future ventures.



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