AMNION: Dissolution CDep Bottle Imp Productions


AMNION: Dissolution CDep Bottle Imp Productions

Sparse chamber reverberations gradually collide in the latest output from Roderick Price’s Amnion project. A desperate array of tension and yearning opens the show, with the title track swelling with a combination of high-end pads and rich, resonating lows.

Seamlessly flowing into ‘Solution Pt1’ introducing low end clatters things gradually become more unnerving as the tone takes on a more Dark Ambient approach, that is counterbalanced by the lighter shades of ‘Solubility’; adding elements of tribal drum work as the song progresses.

‘Solution Pt2’ reacts as an interlude the follows on from its earlier partner in crime, darkly leading us into ‘Solvation’; a stark cold bracing number that utilises icy pads and the frost tinged monstrosity of noise akin to an avalanche of compacted snow, finally giving ground.

Three remixes end this EP with focus firmly squared on the title track itself. Row Boat provide a spangling IDM/Ambient blissful interpretation of the number, where everything ascends into a climatic resolution; and careful attention has been placed on highlighting the original tracks’ key elements.

In contrast, Dark Ambient aficionado’s Terra Sancta drag the song well into their territory, whilst Wychdoktor provide an altogether more Industrial slant. Both are effectively deconstructed pieces of work, but provide less scope and variation (due to the nature of their chosen paths) than that of Row Boat, who I feel genuinely took the bull by the horns and attempted to provide some variation.

As a whole this is a neat extended player that has much in its arsenal to appease listeners of multiple genres; providing a brief insight as what may come on his next full-length release.



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