Jules is one of those artists that I have listened to for a while now and expected more from. Indeed the quality has always been there, but I have felt let down somewhat since the impressive ‘Présence Acousmatique’. It isn’t a case that the quality of his work has gone downhill; it’s more that his later releases left me disengaged somewhat, even if his last output ‘Beautyfear’ still rockets amongst the echelons of the German chill-out charts.

This latest mini-album of sorts comprises of two tracks recorded at the GRM as an installation. As such, these tracks are plainly titled as ‘Part I’ and ‘Part II’; and the danger in releasing a CD of an installation is the quibble that more often than not, these scenarios are best witnessed in person rather than on a recorded format.

However, Marsen has achieved here what many people attempting this have failed to grasp. I get a lot of albums where so called ‘artists’, faff about rolling in paint or whatever with electro-acoustic nonsense at an installation and think it will translate to recorded matter; and it ends up sounding like utter tripe. Jules though, lets his music do the talking as a glorious representation of ranging drones and expansive pads; that sound blissfully remote and exceptionally hypnotic.

With an acute spatial awareness of his surroundings, Jules revels here in a double track timespan of work, where everything feels concise and direct; enveloping the listener in a sea of tranquillity, where the journey provides a respite from the troublesome humdrum of daily life.


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