WINTERKÄLTE: Maschinenfest Tracks 1999-2014 2xLP & CD HANDS


WINTERKÄLTE: Maschinenfest Tracks 1999-2014   2xLP & CD HANDS

A band that need little introduction; unless you have been living on another planet for the last decade or so, Winterkälte have been one of the forerunners of the Rhythmic Noise/Industrial scene for many a year now, with pulverising clinical efficiency.

‘Maschinenfest Tracks 1999-2014’ is served on a double 180-gram vinyl platter in a rigid heavy gatefold sleeve, with an additional CD for those that like to keep their wax as virginal as an 80 year old nun. Limited to just 500 copies, this latest collector piece re-masters all contributions to the festivals compilations plus two live tracks.

WK as a duo are one of the most unrelenting acts on the live circuit; and for the uninitiated upon first listen, can be initially cast off as a barrage of noise. It’s key to point out here that all the fury has a purpose, as the eco friendly statements of the band are pummelled through the listeners’ conscience with an unrelenting abrasiveness that masks a wonderful degree of technicality, precision and depth; as the initial opening warm up and ‘Greenwar’ will attest to.

Many of WK’s fans will already own the majority of material on here (as well as I do), but that doesn’t detract from the importance of this release. As a statement to the prolonged and creditable career of this act, this is simply more than a ‘best of’, as the varied re-masters hold a banner up to a genre and festival that proudly shouts from the rooftops a style of music that most likely is the last true ‘alternative’ out there.

As a genre, there is no doubt that as with all genres, things do have a tendency to become stale. WK however are one of the scenes’ long termers and an act that many will aspire to; and in a sense drive their own originality by default. Songs like ‘Ban Depleted Uranium Weapons’ have become the signature sound for many a project aspiring to be released on labels such as Hands Productions; and for that inspiration alone WK should be proud.

Overall, this is one of those releases that should have any self-respecting fan of the genre chomping at the bit to own for their collection; and indeed this is a treat for any vinyl addict. Extra points are awarded just for the packaging alone, which is nothing short of exceptional.


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