TOTAKEKE: me.tem.psy.cho.sis CD HANDS


TOTAKEKE: me.tem.psy.cho.sis   CD HANDS

Totakeke is the latest in a few artists to move on and try their luck in different shores after a string of releases on Chicago’s Tympanik label; although Frank Mokros has ties with the Hands label with his alter-ego (and often sadly ignored) Synth-Etik.

Mokros always provides electronica that plays on obscurity and oddity; indeed this makes his releases under this banner somewhat an eclectic taste. Sporadic beat play amongst scattered pads and harmonies litter his albums, but the consistency has never lacked; and so it is on this latest release.

Futuristic ambient in the form of ‘’ amongst a pulsating bass flutter is disabled by a soaring rhythmical battering as it builds; followed up by a Bassline influenced ‘trans.mi.gra.tion’, that plays on powernoise slices and industrial aesthetics combined.

The complicated electronics that Totakeke is well known for surface once again in the title track allowing for familiarity to take shape and is a key change in the albums structure. From here on in we are supplied a varying degree of ambient and trademark beat sections that bounce along from song to song; although there is a visceral new edge to much of the output that adds a forced modernity to the overall result.

Mokros has tailored this album in a lot of respects to the label he has released it on. By that, I mean that the rhythm sections play into the hands (pardon the pun) of Germany’s well-known exponent of destroyed drum play. Gentler moments meld well with these harsher sounds though and whilst not ultimately memorable, ‘me.tem.psy.cho.sis’ has that unnerving ability to grow and claw its way into your psyche; which may or may not sustain future endeavours.


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