Dealing with our perception of reality, dominated by our intuitive understanding of entropic concept of time and irreversibility (amongst other things), it is a pleasant surprise musically to encounter something so electronically focused on the Hands label.

‘Illusion of Safety’, beautifully opens up this latest album, with a cascading array of warm bass driven electronica that scatters playfully with an abrupt minimalism; that carries forward into a glidingly alien ‘ Up & Down’, that has essences of Wax Trax! virtual unkown, Frontside.

There is something joyful about Incite that you cannot help but raise a smile. Beats play second fiddle for the majority of the release; and it takes some time to spot that the rhythm sections are merely just stabs of electronics (for the most part), which is a clever interpretation of sound.

‘Light Spin’, is one of those albums however, where individual tracks shine brightest on their own. Playing the album in one fell swoop can drive the listener dizzy and unfortunately it can become just a little irritating in one session. Due to the nature of the construction of the release, playing the tracks in series’ of two doubled up, highlights the intricacies and complexities that are hidden within (and there is less likelihood of you going stark raving mad).

Overall though, there is much to be relished with this album and the inky black playful notions that are represented here will easily provide an alternate listening post for many; even if it is just in small stages.


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