David Christian provides a limited EP here of re-worked and re-addressed tracks from the ‘Anima Meccanica’ and is the third in the series.

The ‘’Hesitation’ version of ‘Last Words’ opens up in full reverberation, where the beats scatter recklessly from wall to wall as the main body of the song gradually gathers them in and ups pace as a gliding pad airily cuts through the mix like a knife. In contrast ‘Instant Trauma (Human Nature) tethers in the echoes and boxes them away, replacing them with a warm presence and scattered arpeggio; staggering the senses in hypnotic fashion.

‘Vertebrae (Nervoso Version) plays on old school club sensibilities, where the main beat is kept to a sub level foundation for the minimalist counterparts to dance across; it is effective in a trance perspective, in holding the listener transfixed, even if just missing something I can’t quite put my finger on.

The last two tracks ‘ Up The Line’ and ‘bad Ground (Native Hex), tie up the EP firmly as that of a Hands release well. The beats fit firmly in place as what is expected from a colleague of the label as they merrily squelch through the speakers with a familiar preceding thump; and Christian holds his own within the ranks well.

Overall, the good old ‘extended player’ is ignored by labels nowadays with the cost of production/sales ratio balancing more towards the former, so it is novel when one comes along. For the collector there is much to be gained in obtaining these in limited output; and fans of CE should relish this with gusto.


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