LAWRENCE ENGLISH: Wilderness of Mirrors LP/CD ROOM40


LAWRENCE ENGLISH: Wilderness of Mirrors LP/CD ROOM40

Two years in the making, a lot is expected of English, given the amount of work the press sheet states, went into the production of this album; based on the poem ‘Gerontion’ by T.S. Elliott and a phrase that became associated with the campaigns of miscommunication within the cold war.

‘The Liquid Casket’, opens up the proceedings with frost tinged pads that splice quickly into a barbed overdrive of fractured distortion. Layer upon layer of ranging drones purposely envelop and swamp the track as it glides forward until they eventually amalgamate into a brash sea of dark ambience that envelops the listener; whilst still retaining a rich grasp of harmony.

Seamlessly folding into the title track, you could be forgiven in missing the crossover between songs, as there is little to differentiate between the two sound wise; and it’s up to ‘Guillotines and Kingmakers’ to source a break. Providing a quieter undercurrent of machine-like hums however, this once again tallies onto the shirttails of its companions as the epilogue of their story.

Lawrence has cleverly produced a seamless body of work, which drifts through nine tracks that pay no attention to conventional time constraints. Covering a wide range of Dark Ambient, teased with soaring pads and the odd undercurrent of rumbling power electronics; this is one of those albums that arrives at its destination without the listener noticing the clock steadily tick by.

‘Wilderness of Mirrors’, is an excellent display of engaging inky black atmospheres and attention to detail, that holds itself well within the genre; outshining many of the scenes top brass with ease.


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