SARAH PEEBLES: Delicate Paths CD Unsounds


SARAH PEEBLES: Delicate Paths CD Unsounds

Toronto based composer Peebles usually works with sound based art improvisation and installations, utilising a Japanese mouth organ called a Shō. The sound isn’t dissimilar to that of any other mouth organs I have encountered, if not more shrill than those commonly used.

I had expected a certain fragility to the album, considering its title; and I couldn’t have been more wrong. Occasionally, other instrumentation comes into play although it barely interprets anything that could be classified as music, with notes spat out like demented out of key Jazz (although this is an insult to many an established musician of that genre). This is an introduction to the Shō for me and if I have anything to do with it, the last time I will ever encounter one.

There was a time when the Unsounds label produced the odd gem that I could latch onto, knowing that nobody I knew could possibly have it; and as obscure as the sounds were, they were usually interesting if nothing else. ‘Delicate Paths’ is an annoying irritant from start to finish that made me cover my ears and screw my face up. Self-indulgent tripe.


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