RAPOON: Cultural Forgeries CD Alrealon Musique


RAPOON: Cultural Forgeries CD Alrealon Musique

I have heard many an album by Robin Storey’s Rapoon project and most of them differ greatly; and given the mass expanse of album releases in his discography, this is of no surprise.

Most of his work previous that I have encountered is electronic in nature, so therefore it is interesting to note that ‘Cultural Forgeries’ is essentially an album of unplugged work, comprising of recordings made by various orchestral instrumentation and so forth.

Musically speaking, when approaching such work there is the danger that a project can evolve into something less than its parts. Appreciating an album like this can prove difficult if your expectations are dashed; and the worry is that the artist will concentrate less on actual songs and focus more on a demonstration of their capabilities (or just pure self-indulgence).

Unfortunately, for the most part, there is little on here to enjoy if you merely want something to listen to. For sure, Storey has an acute grasp of many an instrument and on the odd occasion I had to commend him for the task he set for himself; however, as a whole this unsurprisingly fell into a quagmire of desperate sounds that lost form or function as the album progressed.

As a concept, I commend Rapoon for at least attempting something as adventurous as the task set, although I have seen this type of quest attempted on many occasion before; and it was of no surprise that the outcome would be anything less than the dull, lifeless exercise that we have here.


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