HÅKON STENE: Lush Laments For Lazy Mammal CD Hubro


HÅKON STENE: Lush Laments For Lazy Mammal CD Hubro

Droning singular pad work opens up ‘Lush Laments…’ with ‘Prelude to HS’, leading into the off-key and deeply reverberated piano work of ‘Hi-Tremolo’; ascending into a crescendo of spangling ambience.

With various instrumentation along the way, such as Vibraphone, Marimba, E-bow, guitars and keyboards; Stene along with various colleagues, produce sparse interpretations of spatial awareness that cling onto silence, like dew threatens to drip form the branches of a tree.

Patience is the key factor when listening to this album; and a quiet room, sat alone with nothing but your thoughts for company, is essential. Due to the nature of drones and ambient work, the former is the hardest to accomplish, if to achieve anything of note; and luckily the compositional talents of Håkon Stene and his cohorts manage this task well.

As an album, whilst fairing well, this isn’t on the same par as say ‘The [Law-Rah] Collective and such like. It pays to create long-resonating soundscapes that evolve ever so slightly quicker; and for me this is the projects’ small failing, in that there is a tendency to meander too much, allowing for elements of disinterest to creep in.

However, as an introduction to the genre, Stene and friends provide nine momentary glimpses of self-awareness and contemplation that are well worth picking up should you come across them and the mood take you.



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