EPIDEMIA: Biofilms CD Diskus Fonografika


EPIDEMIA: Biofilms CD Diskus Fonografika

Here we have the latest output from Mexico’s Chuiy Bitios; inspired by and to coincide with the films of Loris Hantzis. I was deeply impressed with how the project had grown with his last output ‘Bradykardia’ displaying a high level of growth and maturity to Bitios’ work since the project’s inception.

Opening in mid 80’s soundtrack fashion, we have the title track opener flowing into the ‘Glory Box Mix’ of ‘Dosificación’; featuring Noiz + Zilenth And Loris Hantzis. With one simplistic dance beat, whispered vocals and a multitude of simplistic electronics reek of atmosphere throughout a cavern of spatial awareness. One area where Epidemia has upped his game is with his noise production. Often in the past, production swamped the distorted beat so it lacked power; and I am happy to report that this is simply no longer the case.

The Dark Ambient resonance of ‘Industrial Poisons’ provides another string to Epidemia’s bow, whilst ‘Dolichovespula’ grinds merrily along as a shuddering heartbeat; leaving the greatest surprise in the form of the arpeggio led ‘Cacofonía Del Mundo Exterior’. Here, the synths are prevalent in providing the main source of sound, layered across a mass of distortion.

Variety is key to ‘Biofilms’ success as a body of work. Epidemia has taken the time to produce an album that is different to his last release, but no less engaging. I did prefer ‘Bradykardia’ due to its almost Post-Punk ethos (although that’s just down to a matter of personal taste); but together with this work, both albums set Bitios in good stead moving forward with this project, almost abandoning previous output’s limitations.


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