Exaudi are a vocal ensemble and ‘Exposure’ is their sixth album release and not being exposed (excuse the pun) to them before, I was just a little unsure as what to expect; regardless of the press release.

It is difficult to appreciate and review an album if it doesn’t tick any boxes that you like; however there is a great degree of talent on display and in a lot of ways this compensates for the shortfalls that ‘Exposure’ presents.

Opener ‘ A Painter of Figures in Rooms’ does have the odd Diamanda Galas flair to it that appealed greatly (minus the demonic ranting); and I enjoyed strangely enough the ear piercing range displayed on ‘Nakedness’. However, once these tracks were out of the way I struggled to enjoy the rest of the release due to my tastes falling at the feet of albums that come with some instrumentation.

I commend greatly, the skills it takes to sing at such a high level and appreciate vocals when they’re part of something much larger. I do love the odd smattering of vocal work as sole performance, but only as an intermission; and for me, Exaudi have produced an album that is pure overkill, where any enjoyment is lost due to the sheer lack of actual music.

What I would love to see in the future is a collaboration with an actual orchestra, where the vocal ranges of these incredibly talented individuals are put to better use.


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