DISPLACER: Curse of the Black Lotus Ltd CDep / DIGITAL DOWNLOAD Crime League


DISPLACER: Curse of the Black Lotus   Ltd CDep / DIGITAL DOWNLOAD Crime League

As is the way of reviewing, sometimes you get your hands on a release that came before the bands latest works you have already reviewed; but no less great that this has been sent to review and complete your collection.

I have always been a fan of the works of Michael Morton and ‘Curse…’ fills a space between the wonderful ‘Foundation’ and ‘House of the Dying Sun’, the latter produced with Nimon and both released on the mighty Hymen label.

As a missing jigsaw piece, this EP would be misplaced as the one with all four corners that doesn’t quite slot in; and it’s no surprise that Morton has chosen just to release some other work that differs from the albums that sit either side of it, forever keeping listeners guessing.

With a blistering array of electronics that resonate a warm hum, coupled with erratic beat work and gloriously emphatic pads, from opener ‘Black Lotus’ with some excellent re-worked versions of new tracks and a Monstrum Sepsis mix to boot.

As an ever-evolving project that’s constantly on the move, re-shaping and re-working its image, Displacer keeps his personal story ever relevant, with modern day electronica that’s as cool as it comes. I hate to spout the word ‘hip’, but this is; and not in the sad way you see fashion victims sporting T-Shirts of bands they have never heard of, either.



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