DEAD VOICES ON AIR: Did Digger Do Jehovah Ltd CD / DIGITAL DOWNLOAD Crime League


DEAD VOICES ON AIR: Did Digger Do Jehovah Ltd CD / DIGITAL DOWNLOAD Crime League

DVOA have been tripping the boards for ages now since Mark Spybey left Zoviet France; and after a lengthy back catalogue it’s quite odd to see him come up with such a limited release. His latest output starts off in fine form with simplistic electronics and airy ambient, with the aptly titled ‘The Skies Sent out a Sound’ coming across as an electronic signal across the ether.

Followed up with ‘I Was Under a Cavalry Cross’, the ever-so-slight shift in sound is a kaleidoscope of cascading colourful notes that spangle amongst a backdrop of breathing momentum, only to be enforced further with a trippy and hallucinogenic ‘As the Sand of the Sea’.

Where I feel Dead Voices On Air works best as a project is when he concentrates his efforts on ranging Dark Ambient. I do like chiming cutesy electronics and I do think they work well over his foundation material; however I am a sucker for bleak pads and appreciated the momentary stand-alone darkness of ‘Shall my Wrath Burn Like Fire?’ along with the n5md-ish ‘The East is From the West’ more than other works on this album.

Overall, ‘Did Digger do Jehovah’, is a peculiar yet solid mass of stable electronics that capture many a mood for a number of occasions. It’s good to see the project still in full flight and long may Spybey continue forwards.


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