ANKLEBITER: Weight of a Pronoun Ltd CD / DIGITAL DOWNLOAD Crime League


ANKLEBITER: Weight of a Pronoun Ltd CD / DIGITAL DOWNLOAD Crime League

Tanner Volz is another of the Tympanik Audio refugees that has since moved shores to try his hand in other label avenues. Sometimes it’s a necessary, albeit frightening shift in circumstances; but usually pushes the artist out of their comfort zone.

With two full albums and a remix CD to add weight to his credentials, Volz has already built up a loyal fanbase that he should be proud of; and ‘Weight of a Pronoun’ will only add a few more to that headcount, along with the collaborative efforts of a few other artists that make an appearance on this disc.

Opener ‘Joey Gladstone’ makes its presence known with an ominous, brooding tone. A steady beat introduces the tracks and is steadily knitted together with harmonious electronics and ranging lead notes; and is followed up with the subtle free-fall that is ‘Self-Esteem is Killing America’, with its dropped bass and beautifully arranged poppy pads that erupt into blooming mass of colour as the track comes to its conclusion.

Along the way we are treated to what I term as classic IDM, compositionally speaking. ‘Tickle Monster’ and ‘Error Peak’ play with beats, well paced sci-fi harmonies and layered electronics that bind the tracks with a steadfast glue. Volume plays a key part on individual sections, pushing other elements to the edge of a collapse that never comes.

Reminiscent of previous works, ‘Weight of a Pronoun’ takes baby shoegazing steps forward rather than bringing an all round change. Cleverly in keeping with his back catalogue Volz proves that leaving the creature comforts of previous label backing is no bad thing; if anything it shows strength of character and this latest album is excellent from start to finish.


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