WIEMAN: The Classics Album CD Baskaru


WIEMAN: The Classics Album CD Baskaru

An album conjured up from pop music sampling doesn’t really set my heart racing on paper.   Under a whole different genre tagged as ‘Meltpop’, Wieman conjures complex structures from other works, tears them to pieces and fuses them together as a collage of sound; this is apparently trickier than a DJ set.

Altogether, the results are better than I initially expected, but arranged with more of the beat work and notes flying in backwards, which as I know isn’t that tricky at all. However, the effect is somewhat sporadic and comes across as obscure electronica, which I have to admit, is somewhat pleasing to the ear.

Track two ‘The King is Queer’, works best with an array of glitch and ambient manipulated into IDM territory. Calming yet disjointed at the same time, the only downside is the obvious lack of programming skill, which Wieman unbelievably gets away with.

Along the way, there are a variety of bastardised songs that get ripped apart, even a momentary appearance from Megadeth; which was a little too obvious as to its source for me, where I would prefer something I haven’t heard in its original format.

All in all, apart form the obvious downsides being that the tracks have been cultivated from other artists’ work; there is a lot to shout about along the way that does elevate ‘The Classics Album’ as an art form in its own right, producing some good quality Dark Ambient along the way too. The lion’s share of the release is easy to listen to and soak up with some enjoyment; but I was still left with a sour tang in my mouth, just wondering how I would have felt, should the initial source material been myself.



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