SAWAKO: CD Baskaru


SAWAKO: CD Baskaru

Over the last ten years Japan’s Sawako has produced many a release over a few experimental labels and has now found her home on France’s Baskaru; a label which truly fits her aesthetic.

Opening up with drizzle drench piano and airy pads, ‘Locus of Everyday Life’, provides a sparse, yet engaging introduction to this latest release that swells ever so slowly, over the course of just under 7 minutes. An acute spatial awareness is evident as subtle electronic elements are introduced, gradually overtaking the song, only to drift back to where they came from.

Follow up ‘Pass.age’ envelops the listener in a hypnotic bubble, as tube reverberated synth allows for more organic elements to evolve, leading the listener to the cold shores of ‘Nostal.noz’. What I love with ‘’ is Sawako’s sense of story telling as the pages are turned in the seemingly never-ending haze of drifting and droning ambience.

More than a lot of this latest output owes a lot to the accomplished careers of Christian Fennesz and such like, whilst retaining Sawako’s own sense of individuality. Glitches are effective in scattering an atmosphere that can border on the oppressive, only to be teased into a sense of enlightenment and well being, as bubble gum colours of sound echo through the speakers, only to burst onto a layer of dense white clouds.

Peculiar, yet familiar; Sawako has produced an engaging release that dips its toe in momentary madness and carefully reigns in its sporadic moments into a cohesive and enjoyable album, that stands above those that are merely pretenders to the cause.


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