ANTIGEN SHIFT: Brotherhood CD Signifier


ANTIGEN SHIFT: Brotherhood CD Signifier

It’s been eight long years since the last Antigen Shift release ‘The Way of the North’ appeared on the Ad Noiseam label; a distinctly ambient led album that was a giant leap in what had come before. Now joined by Jairus Khan (he of the less than busy Adversary), it’s plainly evident as to why we haven’t seen any other releases from his once sole project; as it’s obvious he has been busy assisting Nick Thériault in providing the next step in the ‘Shift’.

I was a massive fan when I first heard Nick’s early works and I expected big things. Whether lethargy set in or some other interference is unknown to me, either way it’s glad to see the project gain some momentum once more.

‘Brotherhood’ takes earlier elements and dances everything up a notch, with clean-cut electronics and the occasional foray into Breakbeat and IDM territory, whilst bouncing around a mainstream bubble as to keep everything a touch more listenable, for those that enjoy the odd club or two.  With the odd smattering of samples and piano work emphasising a cleaner and less dense production than before, there are touches on here that may alienate previous lovers of Antigen Shift as a whole, but given some time and patience it all becomes evident the changes were necessary in placing the project well and truly back on the scene; with guitar infused, up-paced tracks such as ‘Godkrusher’ and the modernistic light bass drops of ‘Get off my Lawn’ proving as relevant as anything out there.

Whilst everything is professionally done, there is little to remember anything that truly stands out, bar one or two tracks (as mentioned above) and everything merges together as one solid block of electronics. It is clear, that the focus has been placed on presenting one solid mass of tracks to be played from start to finish and in that respect does work well.

As a whole though, this latest and long overdue quality output breathes life once again into an act that I thought had long since gone and I am glad to see its return; even if lacking anything that sets the hairs on the back of my neck, standing on end.


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