Here we have the coming together of Supersimmetria’s Armando Alibrandi and Yura Yura’s Dijon Grégory, combining their creative skills as one. Fair to say I expected distorted beat and Industrial edged powernoise battering from end-to-end, but luckily this album provides a lot more scope than that.

Ranging dark ambience makes for a more interesting journey than the flabby beats do alone, carrying an atmosphere that descends and ascends to great effect throughout this 14 tracker; masking the rhythm sections occasional production failings as it goes along. Careful attention has been paid to the grinding sub-bass elements, leaving a cosy warmth to the proceedings and making for a comfortable listen that allows the pads to provide a crisp, fresh breeze that filters throughout the mix.

Whilst not altogether ground breaking, ‘ANEMOΣ’ does hold its own. I could imagine this coming off well live, in a clubs early hours when folk need something a little more restrained on pace, but with enough firepower to crunch out of the speakers effectively.

Where Agya stumble, is on the diversity scale. We have heard this many a time before in the 90’s from the HANDS label and such like; and whilst overall this is a decent and solid album, it does lack the edge to set it apart from its peers. Originality put to one side however, as far as Industrial circles go, this does exactly what it sets out to do; and there is some comfort in experiencing this duo stubbornly stick to the path they set for themselves not straying into a more easily marketable territory, as many have done before.


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