PIERRE ALEXANDRE TREMBLE: La Marée 2xCD Empreintes Digitales


PIERRE ALEXANDRE TREMBLE: La Marée 2xCD Empreintes Digitales

Bass clarinet, soprano voice, piano and invented instrumentation are the tools utilised by Tremble on this album. With 80 minutes spread over two discs there is a lot to take in and a real tester of patience.

In all honesty, there is a heck of a lot of variation when these are pieced together electronically and there are momentary infusions of sound that I enjoyed along the way, when the feedback kicks in. As this is a purely experimental release though there are many elements where it all just seems like a lot of pissing around.

Some sections play out like the backdrop to some of the better Hammer Horror movies that I enjoyed in my youth (and still do); those slight of hand footnotes that tell you something bad is going to happen, or to make you aware that someone isn’t quite what they seem. In this light these peculiarities of the album along the way did produce a smile across my face.

If anything, ‘La Marée ‘ is barking mad without completely flying off the handle. As with any album of this nature there is going to be many a moment when you consider just exactly what the point was of making such a release, when there is so little to discuss; and a lot of questions to the label, for even signing the cheque on production. For the most part all I could do was shrug my shoulders and look confused.


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