XOTOX: Redux LP Pro-Noize/Dark Dimensions


XOTOX: Redux LP Pro-Noize/Dark Dimensions

It’s been a year since the excellent ‘Schwanengesang’ was released from Germany’s ambassador of Industrial music for hyperactive people. ‘Redux’ is a wax only release that for the lucky few comes in a special edition, limited red vinyl as well (and looks gorgeous to boot).

What we have on offer, are nine tracks remixed by some of the scenes well known artists such as Suicide Commando, Monolith; and Kiev amongst others. ‘Slå Tillbaka is the opening gambit to this release from the aforementioned Suicide Commando, with his trademark dance-floor synth plastered all over the track; and adds a new life to the song itself.

Overall the mixes provide a great variant on what has come before with Aehm touching everything up with light breakbeats and ambient sub textures on ‘Notwehr’ with Monolith bringing the distorted intentional (and essential) monotone beats that they’re famous for, reassembling the same track. The two variants match well and are prime examples on how different an individuals take on a song can be.

Variation isn’t a surprise with this release as many a style is covered, from the obscure electronics of Sci-Fi Industries and the Darkwave pads of Mondträume. It’s this pallet of sounds that provides the main interest to this remix album; that and the fact it’s so damn collectable. More power to Andy Davids for getting this release out there on this format and I am sure every other vinyl aficionado will relish this once they get their mitts on it for their own collection.


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