I have been left a trifle cold on two occasions previously by Wieloryb; once on the their debut ‘Namaste’ (which, whilst being solid was far too generic) and their live performance at Infest in the UK (where through no fault of their own the sound guy decimated everything into a muggy mass of garbage). However, it’s a new year and there is a new album to review so it’s time to cast aside preconceptions.

‘The Number of Fourth’ does more than its fair share of putting past events to bed. Brutal and unrelenting, it is a savage blend of slicing rhythms and reverberated chorus vocals that breathe new life into the project, lifting its head above the water line where he was just about drowning. Followed up by the sporadic stop-start nature of ‘Orion’, it’s almost as if Wieloryb has dragged himself like a phoenix out of the ashes, to rise with a new found vigour.

There are momentary lapses along the way that need to be re-addressed, where everything becomes a murky squelching blob of audible goo; but these can be forgiven with rip-roaring numbers such as the precise ‘Machine’ and the glitching razor cuts of ‘Alphabet’.

Overall, ‘Root’ is a dramatic step up for the artist and for the most part an enjoyable romp. There are still edges to be sharpened and this project would benefit for a more clinical approach; but as far as progression goes, this is a step in the right direction.


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