I absolutely loved Alexander Marco’s previous release under this banner. ‘BeVor’ brought together a wondrous array of sci-fi ambient that was riddled with harmonies and this new output does have a lot to live up to.

‘Earthshine’ kicks everything off on the right foot as an intro; with space infused samples and ranging pads. What comes next however in the form of ‘Cosmic Highway is a real shame however; the production values drop tenfold into a mash of badly pieced together powernoise riddled with dance drops.

Things carry on in much the same manner on the title track; and flipping back to the intro, it’s as if Stefan Boem completely dropped the ball when it came to mastering the release, such is the significant drop in volume (not that I am saying the tracks are low, but there is a drop none the less).

It isn’t until track five that things start getting back somewhere to what I expected from this release; once the re-introduction of pads are brought back into the mix, I can almost forgive Marco for his previous transgressions.   From here on in, there is a concerted effort to produce songs that are worthy of their predecessor, with ‘Some Form, Some Dimension’, ‘Black, Deep and Vast’ and ‘Every Grain of Sand’ providing the main highlights of the album, whether that be vacuum packed electronics or raging hard-wired beats of the highest quality.

‘LaZercowboys’ for the most part is an enjoyable romp; however, the bar may have been set too high on previous output and to that end, this latest CD does suffer in comparison, feeling altogether somewhat rushed.



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