THOMAS ANKERSMIT: Figueroa Terrace CD Touch


THOMAS ANKERSMIT: Figueroa Terrace CD Touch

Ankersmit is an installation artist from Berlin, basing the majority of his work around the Serge analogue modular synthesiser. I have to admit my heart dropped somewhat upon the realisation that this album is one long track just shy of 37 minutes; that as well as the installation work, as this never translates that well onto CD.

Through a field of wave shaping, feedback and distortion fed through oscillators the result is as one would expect. A mish-mash of noises that would work well I imagine with gallery imagery to accompany it; but with very little to enjoy sat at home with it pouring out of the speakers.

The overall result is an irritating mess and ultimately pointless. I know Touch are one of those labels that dare to experiment and the quality of their output is usually of a high standard; however they need to re-address their approach with this one.



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