TREHA SEKTORI: Severh Sehenh CD Cyclic Law


TREHA SEKTORI: Severh Sehenh   CD Cyclic Law

After the impressive previous release that is ‘Endessiah’, Treha Sektori found their way for a short while as one of my Dark Ambient artists of choice to listen to on frequent occasions. Released not as an entire third album, nor that of an EP, ‘Severh Sehenh’ is to be viewed, as a momentary stopgap on what I presume is to be a future full-length release. Rather than pander to the whims of artistic expression however, an EP is what this is (or mini-album, if you must).

Set as one long 37-minute track, with fixed moments in time as to break it up into individual sections (however, not cut up as individual track placement when played); altogether, this does make sense when taking in to account the fact that the material was composed for live performance, which I can only imagine would be more impressive with a suitable array of visuals to accompany it.

Musically speaking, Sektori once again hit the nail on the head genre wise, with a beautifully cascaded array of pads, that display a contrast of darkest blacks and blinding whites meeting in the middle with a overwhelming sea of abundant grey. This monochromatic backdrop sets the foundations for controlled percussion and multi-layered gravitas, sucking the listener into an expansive bubble of ambient hypnosis.

Piercing the shell in which the listener is sat, occasional stabs of sound let in thin slivers of light and the effect is that of being slowly released into the outside world; and that of the unshackling of chains. Overall, the result is impressive and given appropriate time and patience, ‘Severh Sehenh’ as an ultimately rewarding intersection in what promises to come.



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