TEHÔM: Lacrimae Mundi CD Cyclic Law


TEHÔM: Lacrimae Mundi CD Cyclic Law

Croatia’s TeHÔM hark from earlier beginnings in the mid 90’s. As in all aspects of life, we have to deal with unfortunate events; and founding member Siniša Očurščak passed away from cancer in 1997. After their second release ‘Theriomorphic Spirits was released the band laid the project to rest.

Now we have the revival by original member Miljenko Rajakovic; once again staking their claim within Dark Ambient circles, with surreal and obscure black pads and suffocating drones that gasp on soot filled air. ‘Perilous Depth’ crawls out of its pit to a cacophony of shrieking synth work, ghostly voices and pounding tympani; clawing at the outer world, threatening to drag it into the depths from whence it came.

Listening to ‘Lacrimae Mundi’ is almost like taking a journey through the eyes of what devilish fiend crawled out of its hole and is now stalking a bleak medieval landscape, through the gloomy marshes that are represented by ‘Darkness Cosmogony of Myths’ and the suffering of the ‘Abyss’ at which this being eventually arrives. This latest release is an uncompromising portrait of bleak depth; that teases the listener with a vision through the fog where the warmth of the Sun is hidden forever through tainted clouds.

As its story pans out, there is a futuristic aesthetic to this album formulating a conclusion that the backdrop of the story is not of this world; but that of some parallel alien planet hinging on desolation, scarred with Battleworn monolith structures. Amongst the ruins an ancient tribe of creatures have once again risen to take back what once was theirs and advanced technologies have crumbled into the soil in which they were built.

Altogether an impressive release, careful attention has been placed on varying ranges and sub level foundations of sound that give the album a fuller sound. Occasionally the vocal sampling does let the show down somewhat for me, but this is a minor quibble in what is altogether an impressive return to the scene and a fitting epitaph to the bands founding father.


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