IN SLAUGHTER NATIVES: Cannula Coma Legio CD Cyclic Law


IN SLAUGHTER NATIVES: Cannula Coma Legio CD Cyclic Law

Jouni Havukainen is almost legendary in post-industrial circles, mainly due in part to his infamous project, In Slaughter Natives. As a prelude to a brand new album due later in the year, this release sets the tone as a portent of what is yet to come.

‘Cannula Coma Legio’ contains three brand new tracks, alongside re-workings and remixes of music used as live accompaniment by extreme body art performer Chérie Roi; dusting the cobwebs down on some older sounds, giving them a spit and polish with a touch of elbow grease and packaged together as one bombastic, martial mass.

‘Plague Walk my Earth’ opens up the proceedings with marching percussion as crushing as one would expect from the project. Ranging vocal harmonies soar above the destruction with mid range Dark Ambient pads, acting as the glue that binds the track together as Havukainen rasps threateningly throughout.

This impressive opener is followed up with the menacing ‘Definition of Being Alive’, with its pounding toms, grinding bass and lyrics spat out with visceral gutter driven growls. As always, this project flaunts an almost faultless epic performance that is cavernous in range, with hidden harmonies within its nooks and crannies, that eek out through the ravenous Industrial mix, for a brief glimpse of the world above.

Operatic vocals, waves upon waves of gliding pitch-black ambient, crushing rhythm sections and a flag bearing poise and sneer, epitomise this act from the offset. Indeed this has always been the case historically; and as a fan, I wouldn’t have expected any different this time around and wouldn’t want the game set any other way.

It’s great to see this act on the excellent Cyclic Law; a label that has stolen the march, taking the crown that was once held by the now defunct Cold Meat Industry. With a few of the labels former artists now finding their home at this dark Canadian doorstep, In Slaughter Natives prove once again why they’re one of the major forces to be reckoned with within this genre.


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