CINDYTALK: TouchRAWKISSEDsour CD Handmade Birds


CINDYTALK: TouchRAWKISSEDsour CD Handmade Birds

Scotland’s Gordon Sharp (he of The Freeze and This Mortal Coil fame) has always managed to impress me with his Cindytalk project for the majority of those I have heard via the Editions Mego label; so I was once again enthusiastic when this dropped through my door.

‘Dancing on Ledges’ is a grinding mass of machinery that opens up this latest album as a visceral noise that evolves into a Dark Ambient abyss that doesn’t let up come track two ‘ Fire Recalling it’s Nature’; stumbling around its own mass of collapsing gutter like sounds, as background harmonies eventually filter through.

Cindytalk plays with tracks levels in a way that allows each source to filter through. In some ways reminding me of the production skills of Fennesz, albeit from a darker edge of the spectrum. In reality, I have heard better interpretations of this ilk being a hardened Dark Ambient and noise fan; but there is something else that I cannot put my finger on that makes me enjoy this project immensely.

There is a modernity to Sharp’s approach as a whole. When you purchase a Cindytalk release there is little to badge itself into a genre from the packaging, nor indeed from the familiar sounds that come through the speakers; as obvious as the music is in style, there is just that something that sets this work aside as its own, rather than the overtly blackened ambient this could be categorised alongside.


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