LUFTH: Distanz und Nähe CD Oktaf


LUFTH: Distanz und Nähe CD Oktaf

Given that the majority of releases I have acquired from the Oktaf label have comprised of solely ambient music, I was surprised by this latest release to drop through the door. Germany’s Lufth tamper with a range of electronic dub and ranging synth frequencies, akin to a fragmented Pink Floyd taken into IDM territory; and the results are pretty spectacular.

Strictly down-tempo, opener ‘Democracy is Dead Like Printed Matter’, is an engaging extravagant mash of programmed toms, staggered bass and layer upon layer of glorious pads that resonate through the speakers in a suffocating hallucinogenic haze.

Glitch ridden subtle beat work carries an enigmatic more sinister tone to the proceedings as ‘Methan on Mars’ delivers a sub-space oddity of sporadic madness; whilst ‘Duisberg Links adds a Jazz tone to the album that was unexpected. Lufth plays a varied array of styles on his debut release and everything is played out with consummate professionalism.

As experimental as the project is, everything is tethered and harnessed tightly. The bind that holds this album together, grips the elements of madness that threaten to knock ‘Distanz und Nähe ‘ off its chosen path throughout; and its this attention to detail that is key to providing the greatest results.

Broodingly dark, gritty and carefully measured, Lufth’s wire-like electronics are pivotal in providing a good source of harmony on this release; and it’s a pleasure to witness this being key as opposed to just straight-forward pad work as the frontrunner (‘Rotes Dortmund’ being an exceptional example). From start to finish this is a fine debut; and one which undoubtedly will go under the radar for a lot of people, unfortunately. Hunt this one out at all costs.


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