KANGDING RAY: Solens Arc CD Raster Notion


KANGDING RAY: Solens Arc CD Raster Notion

A thumping Industrial stomp sets the tone for Kangding Ray’s fourth album release on the excellent Raster Notion label. An ominous, dark and brooding tone that hints at greater things to come; ‘Serendipity March’ leads into the subterranean techno of ‘Evento’ via the way of interim, ‘The River’. Think of a pitch-black, covered in charcoal version of Faithless and you wouldn’t be far off the mark.

The atmosphere on ’Solens Arc’ further paddles its way amongst murky territories on ‘Blank Empire’, with a grinding bass line accompanied by a thumping beat and tribal tympani, whilst sampled breaths of air are exhaled through the darkness.

This latest album does somewhat gel together as one long solid set, if allowed. With the occasional interlude in the form of the futuristic electronica (‘History of Obscurity’) and the droning feedback foundations of ‘Crystal’, where cold, blank keyboard work hovers above the fray in desolate fashion, only to drop into an array of ambience and Industrial flabby beats.

Overall, Kangding Ray has produced an album of quality musicianship based on sparing minimalism, giving each element space to breathe; and provides the listener with one of Raster Notions finer moments in their immense catalogue.


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