GUSTOFORTE: Quinto Quarto LP Plastica Marella


GUSTOFORTE: Quinto Quarto LP Plastica Marella

Absolutely barking-mad as always, ‘Quinto Quarto’ is the second release of this Italian Anti-Pop group that I have encountered, with the extremely peculiar ‘La Prima Volta’ being the first.

Undeniably, this isn’t going to be to everyone’s palate; the Post-Punk guitars spliced with Jazz saxophone of ‘ Natura Morta’, to the vaudeville of ‘Divino Amore’ are completely bonkers from start to finish. Even when Gustoforte turn the notch down on the No-Wave esque ‘Maliiana Settana, it’s all completely unhinged.

Psychedelic and unrelenting, the only break the listener is given; is the brief respite of turning the record over, only to further encounter a torrent of sporadic torment. Gustoforte are novel in their approach and I am fairly sure there is a market out there that will completely lap this up.

Things become somewhat stable come the title track, where the guitar and beats even out onto a level playing field; of course, the saxophone, cat and mouse bass layering and general hallucinogenic structuring of the song materialise throughout the mix and once again as the track progresses it evolves into a barrage of lunacy.

The talent on display is undeniable; however the more OCD of us out there would benefit from this mob reining it in a little, because at momentary intervals throughout this album, these guys really do shine.


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