ATOM TM: Ich Bin Meine Maschine-Remixed 12”EP Raster Notion


ATOM TM: Ich Bin Meine Maschine-Remixed 12”EP Raster Notion

Doing exactly what it states on the tin, comprising of four tracks this 12” EP leaves the original version of the title track right until the end, which is peculiar in itself.

Obscure, minimal Techno isn’t anything new, but sounds all the more clinical and effective, accompanied by emotionless German vocals. Here, Atom TM does effectively break down the track, with three other versions that are merely variants on a theme; whether that is the stripped and de-reverberated ‘Boys Noise Remix’, or with additional beat-play in the form of the ‘Linear Remix’. The ‘Function Remix’ feels ever so slightly dubbed up and suffers from being the weakest of the versions but copes well enough.

Effectively, unless you are a DJ or a die-hard collector there would be little on this release to go spend your hard earned cash on. There isn’t that much that can be said that’s negative about this EP, but then there isn’t much to rave (pardon the pun) on about either and would have benefitted from having at least, a different track to work with so that boredom (which inevitably sets in) is kept to a minimum.



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