YOSHIO MACHIDA: Music From the SYNTHI CD Baskaru


YOSHIO MACHIDA: Music From the SYNTHI CD Baskaru

Given the nature of the Baskaru label and indeed the press sheet that came with this release, there was a natural hesitancy on my part as of what to expect. With an album created purely on a SYNTHI AKS portable modular synthesizer (that appeared about around the same time as the all impressive Moog), it’s safe to say that this release was going to be a marvel, or absolutely terrible.

There are 13 tracks and none of which are titled any different other than the scale set on the AKS; and as expected thing s kick off with a few blips and whirs with the odd note hit as whining feedback occasionally comes through as an annoyance. Occasionally as the tracks go on (and indeed skipped through on more than one occasion), you feel like you are sat listening to your friends playing Pong on the telly; it’s infuriating at best.

In truth this little synthesizer did and still does produce some wonderful sounds. However, when the opportunity arises to create an album, there was nothing stopping this chap creating some actual songs; and given in to using it in conjunction with some modern programming skills (should he have any). All in all, Machida has produced an album that is a sheer waste of resources; and a disgrace to the many artists out there that worthy of release and don’t get a look in.



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