THO-SO-AA: Sleeping Explorer 2xCD Tesco Organisation


THO-SO-AA: Sleeping Explorer 2xCD Tesco Organisation

This double disc affair indicates that this release is best experienced with the lights out and the volume on maximum. In fairness, this is usually when all manner of Dark Ambient releases shine at their brightest; and ‘Sleeping Explorer’ is the epitome of this.

Disc One comprises of five tracks all titled as ‘Slpr’. Deep, resonating waves filter through the haze whilst delayed chanting is kept to a minimum on ‘Slpr 1’; and over the course of nearly 18 minutes pull on an organic richness and quality, occasionally grinding into a bass driven hum whilst ghostly apparitions shine through the murky blackness.

‘Slpr 2’ lifts away from the earthly pit and ascends into the bleak clouds above. Resonating spectres flitter between the mists and echo endlessly whilst picking up a metallic, machine like constructive elements below, falling dramatically upon them on ‘Slpr 3’ as a sea of electronic interference. The next two tracks follow much on the same theme as though the listener is exploring a landscape built on everything witnessed previously; and is a lengthy but satisfying listen from start to finish.

If having one CD lengthier than most albums you will usually listen to, is not enough for you; then having another disc that is 57 minutes in length, is serious value for money. This time, there are seven tracks on offer, all under the title of ‘Xlpr’, and follow in much the same vein as its partner in crime. Once again, this is quality Dark Ambient at its finest, utilising many elements that whilst may have been heard before, are precise and hit the nail on the head as what a DA act should accomplish, or simply not bother at all.

All in all you cannot knock the commitment made by Tho-So-Aa, one jot. ‘Sleeping Explorer’ is a behemoth of layered depth and imaginative sounds that captivate and excite, whilst enveloping the listener in a blanket of inky bliss.


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