POST SCRIPTUM: Benommenheit CD Tesco Organisation


POST SCRIPTUM: Benommenheit CD Tesco Organisation

Opening up with a wall of industrial ambience, a barrage of clattering machinery, sampled vocals and resonating drones that is ‘Horrorbirth’ sets the stage for what is to come on this latest release from Post Scriptum.

‘The second track ‘W.A.L.S.C.H’ leads a steady march of reverberated beats and sinister pads and is an altogether more engaging track than its opening counterpart; revelling in mystery and intrigue and adding to the dark and disturbing soundtrack that emanates throughout ‘Benommenheit’.

Post Scriptum is a peculiar artist that whilst not providing any real killer individual song, does succeed in providing a sturdy release that keeps the listener on tenterhooks for the entirety of nine tracks over 55 minutes. It is an art to produce an album which has no filler; and there is a satisfaction upon completion of this latest album that is warranted.

‘Benommenheit’ doesn’t set the world alight by any means, but for all lovers of experimental Dark Ambient and Industrial wouldn’t go far wrong in picking this up, even if they won’t be left amazed at what they hear.


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