APOPTOSE: Ana Liil CD Tesco Organisation


APOPTOSE: Ana Liil CD Tesco Organisation

I already own a couple of Apoptose albums; not all of them and it’s been a while I admit since I have listened to them. ‘Ana Liil’, their latest album makes me feel like I should get out those old releases and possibly stock up on my collection with those that I ashamedly don’t have.

‘Meer Der Ruhe’ opens up the album with a sparkling array of electronics and synth-work, with child-like female vocals that capture the heart emotively, whilst spangled chimes flitter around airily like spots of light through a dark veil.

In contrast, ‘Ich Verbrenne’ utilises folding ranging pads and adult female vocals that twist and turn amongst electronic percussion, blending neatly into the title track with its tribal beats, gentle piano and soundtrack driven backdrop; and side by side these two tracks are simply epic.

‘Ana Liil’ reeks of maturity from start to finish; layered like an almost perfectly baked cake there is a rich array of sounds that will agree with most palates. With a dark electronic web of sounds drawing on orchestral bombastic majesty (‘Adrenaline’), to Arcana style analogue construction (‘I Say Seven’); this latest album comes up trumps on every occasion.

Peculiar and obscure, yet hugely familiar, Apoptose are one of those acts that have sauntered along under most people’s radar for long enough and it’s about time that music fans picked up at least one of their releases (namely this one, with its lavishly designed digipak) to see what they’ve been missing out on.


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