V/A: Forms of Hands 14 CD HANDS


V/A: Forms of Hands 14 CD HANDS

Hands Productions continue their annual assault, with another compilation in companion to the festival of the same name. The Hands stable has changed somewhat over the last couple of years, but the quality is ever evident, as this collection of tracks attests to.

The excellent Tatlum open up the release in as fine form as their punishing album ‘Mechanical Rite’ left off; which also happens to be one of the best releases from the label in a while. Hydrone counteracts the breakbeats, with his stable cinematic ambience and whilst being of the highest quality, probably comes a little too early in the order of tracks where something a bit more up-tempo would have benefitted the listener most.

The next three tracks are more than competent from Saturmzlide and Last Days of S.E.X, with the best of this trio coming from and electronically infused Greyhound by the ever-excellent Syntech. Needle Sharing however, are in a class of their own; within seconds of the track starting, these previous three affairs become a distant memory and are long forgotten.

There are other tracks of note, from Cervello Elettronico, Monolith and Mono No Aware but for the majority of this album it is evident that the songs are merely outtakes that either never made their respective albums, or are something quickly cobbled together to appear on a compilation. All in all you know what to expect from the Hands label and this does cater for the market adequately with just a few stand out numbers to hold its head above water.



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