LAURENT PERRIER: Plateforme #1 CD Baskaru


LAURENT PERRIER: Plateforme #1   CD Baskaru

I have heard various works from this artist; usually they are a peculiar affair and more often than not, quite irritating. This latest output is once again a selection of treated field recordings that sound more electronic because of the programming involved, as far as track one goes that is.

Luckily, Perrier steps things up on track two, ‘Lawrence English’. Here he utilises a varying degree of electrostatic noise and formulates a spooky array of ambient sounds that filter through like a lighter form of Dark Ambient. Perrier, no doubt should concentrate his efforts on producing more tracks of this ilk, moving forward in the future.

Track three is ambient of a different nature; unfortunately though it is once again sourced from field recordings. I abhor the genre as a whole and it’s very rare anyone produces anything worthy of note and Laurent walks a fine line between releases that are put on the shelf to those disposed in the rubbish bin.


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