Monolith need absolutely no introduction. Eric Van Wonterghem has been on the scene for years with this project as well as being a member of Klinik, Sonar and Insekt; and he has produced many an album under this moniker.

It’s all too easy to second-guess a monolith release before you hit play; one thing you can be assured of though is quality and ‘Crashed’ hits the mark on many a level.

Opener ‘No Escape’ bodes well with a threatening warping bass and ominous ambience of buzzing distortion, making way for the crisp bass pulse and rhythmic patterns of ‘Rotated’. For me, Monolith tread the same pathways that Eric and Dirk wander down on their Sonar project; that in a lot of respects it all could be dismissed as being too simplistic and easy to achieve.

There is however a method to such music and it’s something that a lot of artists fail to grasp when attempting to create what these veterans have accomplished before. The devil is in the detail and it’s the minute elevations of sound that carry Monolith’s hypnotic pattern-play to a different level.

As I have previously touched on, monotony is not necessarily a bad thing. When it is harvested correctly and executed with the sharpest of knives, it has a way of getting under your skin. Before realisation can set in, you have taken the long journey with Wonterghem and his latest output, through to its fitting conclusion; and whilst none of this genre is a world-beater, it is of the highest quality and one that many a new artist would benefit from studying.



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