This is the third album by Greek musician Panos K under the ‘hyDrone’ banner; starting off in soundtrack form as a lengthy seven-minute intro, with bubbling radio frequencies and depth-charge atmospherics.

I expected a plethora of beats to be the main impetus of the release; not hearing anything by this artist before, my assertions were based purely on the label this has been released on. ‘Always Late’, carries on in a more clinical from the opening track, with swelling pads and wire electronics finding their way through a solitary beat and is another nod at effective mood management.

Along the way there is little shift in the path that Panos has taken, with ambient sub-textures always threatening brutality, but never going for the kill. This latest CD focuses it’s attention on menace alone, with a crisp array of sounds that are polished and precise; everything is linear with a clear direction, with only the title track and ‘Passing Time’ differing somewhat with an almost IDM slant to vary the pace.

Overall, ‘[Chronos]’ is an interesting album that is suitable for background listening. There isn’t anything that stands out as an individual track, placing this latest opus as one of those releases that you must play from start to finish, where it yields maximum results.


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