Grinding electronics and thumping beats signal something more familiar for those that have followed the Hands label for a while.

Opener ‘Rasho’, slides down an intentional monotony with the layers slowly filling out as additional electronics are added to the mix as the track progresses. It’s a standard formula, but one that has been tried and tested as effective and Hezel are playing to those strengths.

‘I Will Hang’, follows on with an array of distorted beats and break areas ready for surge of pulsating electronics and whilst it’s obvious at this point that this is the object of the artist, with many a nod at those who have come before, it’s not necessarily relevant for anyone new to target this approach in 2014.

‘Exposure’, will surely crucify an audience in a live environment and for the most part is an enjoyable listening experience; I do enjoy a heavy session of rhythmic noise now and again and Hezel do hit all those points to great effect. There isn’t a stand out track on this release however and every artist of this ilk needs at least one major floorfiller; ultimately this is where they fall a little short of bringing anything new to choose them over someone more well known, where repeating the formula over and over again, is more forgiving.



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