MARSEN JULES: Beautyfear CD Oktaf


MARSEN JULES: Beautyfear  CD Oktaf

Thirteen individual tracks are collated together here under the banner of the album title as individual versions of the same track effectively.  I have found previous works by Jules to be competent and entertaining enough, but lacking the spark to make them truly amazing; ‘Beautyfear’ once again, follows the same path.

Marsen pens him self as neither an ambient nor experimental act, but a combination of both.  In some respects he is correct, but I feel that his music is dominated by the former, where there is once again a tendency to draw on orchestral influences, massaged with drones.

As usual there are momentary glances at brilliance where Jules captures inspired genius and I wish this carried for the duration of his releases from start to finish.  These sparks of inspiration do set Jules apart form a lot of artists out there and most likely how he has landed himself some future soundtrack work.  I would however like him to venture into other avenues now and step outside his comfort zone, to halt stagnation and the obvious similarities that rise with most of his output.


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