KROHN JESTRAM LIPPOK: Dear Mister Singing Club CD Distillery


KROHN JESTRAM LIPPOK: Dear Mister Singing Club  CD Distillery

Within the mass of albums I get sent to review, more often than not there is theme or at least an umbrella which all the artists I encounter are tied to.  Very rarely I get something that I simply have so little to work with; the music itself isn’t bad, the press sheet is in a language I cannot fully understand and the music, whilst not being something I would listen to, is actually well played. ‘Dear Mister Singing Club’ is one of those releases.

Krohn, Jestram, and Lippock provide a varying range of warm electronic folk, mixed with sub Jazz influences.  Most of the songs are fronted with a triplet of vocals spoken in layered words and doubled percussion, that ultimately are more often than not, reminiscent of Blixa Bargeld and Einstürzende Neubauten.

There are flashes of other sounds along the way such as The Velvet Underground, with an invariable madness that allows the odd splatter of noise to creep in amongst the guitar and vocal led mix and KJL have produced an album that borders on utter genius and madness.

I couldn’t if truth-be-told, recommend this release to any of my friends as it simply wouldn’t fit within any genre that they listen to.  It is however an album that does have a market I am sure and fair play to those that seek this out and are fans; for some unfathomable reason, I love all of it.



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