RLW & SRMEIXNER: Just Like a Flower When Winter Begins CD Monotype Records


RLW & SRMEIXNER: Just Like a Flower When Winter Begins  CD Monotype Records

The more Monotype releases I get through, the more twaddle I appear to be encountering; and only now and then there is something genuinely entertaining or moderately well done.  This is an oddity that I simply cannot get my head around, or understand why it deserved to be released at all.  The inner sleeve reads like a diary that is too inane and self-indulgent to engage in, the press sheet goes on about how horrible a DJ set was for someone’s 75th birthday and the album itself is hodgepodge tripe.

‘JLAFWWB’ is a collection of random slots of drones and ambient with vocalisations and Jazz improvised nonsense, flirting with electronics.  It’s also complete bullshit.


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